I am currently in school at Saint Louis Community College. I am motivated and inspired to become more involved in my Local Art Community.



Organized classroom materials to help teachers prepare for daily instruction and activities Kept classrooms clean, neat and properly sanitized for student health and classroom efficiency Used behavior modeling and specialized teaching techniques to share and reinforce social skills Performed special tasks such as teaching coping skill to help students with special needs learn and grow Supported student learning objectives through personalized and small group assistance to support classroom instruction Partnered with teacher to plan and implement lessons following schools curriculum, goals, objectives and philosophies Assessed student assignments to check quality and completeness and assign grades Worked with lead teacher to monitor class schedule and take attendance Collaborated with teachers for lesson preparation by preparing materials and setting up equipment Helped teachers recognize learning issues students faced and recommended solutions Reviewed lesson material with students individually or in small groups Assisted lead teachers with lesson plan creation and materials development


Dealt with incoming and outgoing works of art to ensure safety, correctness and punctuality of shipments
Designed labels for numerous art pieces with specific information and layout
Led tours around gallery and facilitated large visitor groups
Maintained consistent use of graphic imagery in materials and other marketing outreach
Established and maintained productive, professional working relationships
Planned, organized and scheduled work
Resolved client concerns quickly and professionally
Designed advertisements, tradeshow banners and signage from concept through completion
Ensured personal safety through proper use of tools, protective equipment, and ventilation
Recruited and retained top talent, with focus on completing timely performance evaluations, providing positive
feedback and rewarding superior performance

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